My actual workshop offer for You

Coming soon! (available in Q2 2021)

About the workshop

  • Have you ever written a documentation that you thought of like it has everything in there but then the questions just came like “What did you mean here exactly”?

    • Or you hate producing written documentation but you have to do that because it is a must?

      • Or it is expected from you to produce these documentations because it is part of your performance review?

  • Have you ever struggled with explaining a problem space to others?

  • You don’t like drawing workflows because you think it is unnecessarily complex? Or you think you cannot draw proper workflow diagrams because no one taught to you how to do that?

Come and try out how to do workflow diagrams differently! I’ll show you everything you need to consider when drawing a workflow diagram and also will give you many tips and hints that you can immediately put in practice in your work or in your life.

For 15 years I’ve been working in roles where it is key to make others understand what I’m saying / showing. I successfully applied visualisation when solving the very first problem I bumped into 15 years ago and since then I’m really into this way of working. Sometimes we can find a solution just by simply drawing our problems. I’ve learned a lot about how to make communication more effective throughout these 15 years. I’ve run workshops on more conferences in this topic but I realised there is much more I want to give to people in a much more structured way.

If you work in IT especially in some “connectivity” roles like e.g. Business Analyst or Product Owner or even Product Manager this workshop is for you even if you’ve never drawn a single box in a workflow diagram. But this is for you even if you work with workflow diagrams on a daily basis as I’m sure there will be something you can take away from this course. But if not, it is not a problem either! In this case I'd reimburse the 100% of the workshop fee (!) and only asking for 1 thing as an exchange: you’ll need to tell me about why you didn’t like it and how I could’ve done better.

This pandemic situation showed us how important is to make others understand us in the online world and how necessary it is to select and work with the proper visualisation tool through an online conference call for instance.

Ask for individual offer

If you have different needs or just want to have full attention to your problem, please contact me directly and we can work out the best way for the learning.