Hi, I'm Zsófi

Product Manager, workshop facilitator, conference speaker, DDD enthusiast and huge fan of diagrams and flows

If you / your teams need help in exploring the domain you are working in, or gaining a better understanding of customers and business models or just want to participate in an engaging modeling workshop, contact me and let's start the discussions.

Coming soon:

DDD Hungary - 2022 roadmap is just being planned

Most recent:

KanDDDinsky - DDD Open Space 21-22 Oct

Recently I've spent two intense modeling days with the Domain-Driven Design community in Berlin finally in person again! It was great to participate in this Open Space!

Many great sessions. You can check out the twitter feed of the conference.

Learn why it is important to stop assuming and start asking questions!

Read my latest blog post here.


Agile 2021 - 19-22 July 2021

This year I had the opportunity to be one of the speakers and I've talked about transforming business models during these pandemic times. Contact me if you are interested in the recording of the session.

DDD EU Open Space

The DDD Europe Open Space is an online unconference. There is no upfront agenda: participants can self-organise the sessions. The outcomes are unpredictable… but often surprisingly good!

There was an agile training series this spring where to I'd brought in the Domain-driven design mindset too. Trainings and communication was in Hungarian.

This post summarizes the interview with the trainers (available only in Hungarian): https://braininghub.hu/csatlakozz-az-agilis-tavaszhoz/

16th Feb: Transforming business models during the pandemic

At VirtualDDD I talked about business model innovation and what happens if companies NEED to transform their business - for instance in a situation like this pandemic.

Check out the meetup page.


Visual Collaboration Tools - Handbook for software engineering teams already available!!!

Visual Collaboration Tools is a book for software engineering teams. It describes tools that help us in our daily job, and also present field stories from different practitioners. The book is from the community to the community, and it is free. The donations that we collect goes to scholarship projects for diversity in tech.

In this book you can learn about facilitation, preparing meetings, tips and tricks for remote working but mainly about visual collaboration tools.


Domain-Drinking Dialogues - 2020 ending Ask us anything party

Just before all the holidays start we are closing this year virtual Domain-driven design meetups with the last meetup. So grab your drinks (tea, lemonade or anything you want!) and come join with your DDD questions to this Ask us anything party (which is going to be an online fishbowl format)!

15th May


Distributed Domain-Driven Design Day

You can already watch all the sessions from Distributed Domain-Driven Design Day!

We are just over the first virtualDDD online community conference. Looking at the numbers it's been even better than our expectations. And I have good news: we have all the sessions recorded. Yes, even the hands-on sessions :) Check out here.

This was the first conference organized by VirtualDDD but definitely not the last. Stay tuned :)

9-11 March: Software Architecture Summit 2020 in Munich

I've facilitated a workshop at the Summit where we were business modeling, then modeled with business capabilities and also spent some time on Wardley-mapping.

3-7 Feb: DDD EU 2020

17th Jan: Let’s bring something new to the market! Business models and beyond.

I travelled to Vienna and facilitated a workshop there for DDD Videnna Meetup group about business models and innovation.

For photos and comments check the event page: https://www.meetup.com/ddd-vienna/events/267316229/


19th Dec: I would like to DDD! But how to get people on-board?

Károly Kemény, came to speak at DDD Budapest meetup from Germany. He is a developer with a passion for improving collaboration and communication between business, product and development. You can watch the video here: https://www.ustream.tv/channel/23647668/video/DDDBudapest_dec19

Learning about how to grow your local DDD community

4th Nov: Let's Code Podcast: we finally talked about the Domain Quiz!

"Bad" news is that it is in Hungarian, so only Hungarian speaker DDD enthusiasts can understand.

You can check it out here.

22nd October: Kevlin Henney was back to DDD Budapest meetup!

Semantics is all about meaning. If there is one thing we struggle with and need to get better at, it is the search for and clarification of meaning. It takes effort and insight. We've talked about what we mean with Kevlin.

You can watch the recording here.

KanDDDinsky - 2019


16-18 OCTOBER 2019 · BERLIN

September 24: Introducing DDD to your Company (with Barry O Sullivan)

In our next virtualDDD online meetup we'll discuss various techniques and ideas for introducing DDD to an organisation, with a focus on the needs of the company and individuals, and how to approach those needs. And all you need to do is click on join button! :)

I've run a hands-on session at Explore DDD conference in Denver recently about modeling with business capabilities.

(unfortunately no recording has been made about the hands-on sessions)

3rd Sept: ExploreDDD try out - Find the common language between business and IT!

If you cannot come to Denver to Explore DDD conference, this is a good opportunity to participate on the same hands-on session that I'm gonna run there.

Check out photos of meetup here

25th Aug: SunDDDay discussion: CQRS & Event Sourcing systems with Alexey and Marco

You can find the recording of the session on https://virtualddd.com/

Let's Code Podcast: DDD from business perspective

I was in a podcast this June where I talked about DDD from the business perspective. "Bad" news is that it is in Hungarian, so only Hungarian speaker DDD enthusiasts can understand.

We had a great time at latest DDD Budapest Meetup where we combined EventStorming with UserStoryMapping! It will be continued...

For photos check meetup event page, and you can access my slides here.

After a year I looked back how it was to attend Alberto Brandolini's EventStorming Master Class last year in Milan...

...and how and what I've been using from what I took away.

I published all you need to know about the first element of the Domain Learning Framework: the Domain Quiz.

If you read it through and you have any questions, thoughts feedback about this topic please drop me an email because I would be very happy to have a conversation about that.

Watch DDD Budapest & Craft Conference Meetup video with Nick Tune!

(took place on 8th May at Transferwise office)

Nick Tune was here to talk at Craft Conference and whilst he was here in Budapest he brought us Strategic Microservice Patterns to talk about at DDD Budapest Meetup.

2nd April

Kevlin Henney was back to our meetup that was even more fantastic than we expected :)

5th March

On this meetup we've learned about the Business Model Canvas together.

DDD EU 2019

Check out what happened at DDD EU this year! Great sessions, fantastic people and many eye opener thoughts.

Find the slides of my session here.

8th Jan 2019

In this workshop of Marijn's, you could learn how to visualize the model of existing software. You could get more familiar with methods to look at problems from different angles.


November 2018

The latest DDD meetup took place on 21st November. Star speaker Kevlin Henney made this an extraordinary one for us!

Check out Kevlin's slides.

October 2018

Two conferences happened in October 2018 that relate to DDD world:

KanDDDinsky - The Art of Business Software (Berlin)

O'Reilly - Software Architecture Conference (London)

September 2018

Latest DDD Budapest meetup (25th Sept) was a huge success, lot of people attended from DDD, Microservices and Agile community. We had a really good time there, presentations were encouraging and professional and Grape Solutions did a fantastic job in hosting the event.

August 2018

I had the chance to facilitate a hands-on session at DDD London meetup. It was a fantastic experience to work with those guys together. See in this picture how we filled the room with energy, collaboration and fun.

July 2018

Started to work on the next DDD meetup with the presenters.

June 2018

DDD Hungary community is created on Twitter.

May 2018

We had our summer welcoming DDD Budapest meetup where we were "eating our own dog food" - following on a great blog post by Nick Tune

April 2018

Tried out EventStorming technique in my DDD Meetup

March 2018

Attended EventStorming Master Class by Alberto Brandolini